HIS International is a strong believer in giving back to the community and we support several charitable organizations through monetary and clothing donations to organizations that distribute them accordingly.

K.I.D.S-Kids In Distressed Situations

K.I.D.S. makes a huge difference in the lives of millions of needy children all over the world. providing new clothes, new shoes, new toys, new baby items and new books to families. The idea behind K.I.D.S. is simple. One caring response to one child in the crisis of poverty, with a donation of one new piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, a toy or book of their own. It’s about one gift, to one child at a time that builds hope, self-esteem and an opportunity to succeed. Now multiply that by millions and you can see how you can help us make a difference in the lives of children dealing with poverty everyday.

Sephardic Bikur Holim

Sephardic Bikur Holim is a non profit mental health and social service agency dedicated to caring for people in need with compassion, discretion, and respect. We provide for the health, sustenance, support, and well-being of children and adults. We care for the poor, the sick, the elderly, and the unemployed through an ever-expanding spectrum of services, programs and resources.

Flatbush Yeshiva

Founded in 1927 by the visionary Dr. Joel Braverman, A”H, the Yeshivah was carried into the modern era by Rabbi Dr. David Eliach. We continue to pioneer the principles of modern Jewish education under the strong leadership of Rabbi Dr. Raymond Harari in the Joel Braverman High School and Rabbi Lawrence Schwed in the Elementary School. With our mandate of excellence in education, we look forward to sustaining an enduring impact on Jewish education for future generations.

Barkai Yeshiva

Barkai Yeshivah provides an innovative education for students based on the belief that all elements of our world should be recognized through the framework of the Torah. Our curriculum integrates a high-level General Studies program with a complete Torah education in a warm, child-centered, challenging and creative academic environment. We imbue our graduates with a deep love for the land of Israel while empowering them to succeed in their educational and professional futures. Our students emerge with a strong sense of identity, refined character and compassion to engage in life as dedicated members of Klal Yisrael.

Sephardic Food Fund

The Food Fund is a community-supported effort dedicated to discreetly identifying the needy in our midst and providing for their nutritional needs without injuring their dignity and pride. The Food Fund is almost entirely staffed by hand-picked volunteers.

Mitzvah Man

Mitzvah Man started to do perform acts of kindness anonymously in 2008. Within a few months Mitzvah Man was booked daily from 12PM until 6PM, every hour doing a different act of kindness for someone in need. After 3 years requests were getting overwhelming and so an organization was formed to cater all the growing requests. Today there are over 1800 volunteers doing 150-200 acts of hesed every week. Serving those in need in areas such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey.